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User experience strategy is our strength

Usability Testing

Reduce interaction flaws

De-risk the user experience by identifying areas for improvement and optimisation.

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We identify expectations so you can exceed them
We're passionate about creating intentional user experiences

Leadership Team

Meet our founder and senior partners.

We can help your business bloom and grow!

We Create

Increase Product Success?
Engage your Users?
Design with Impact?

We deeply understand your users and customers
to design experiences people need, use and cherish.

What we do

Optimise product and service experiences

We deliver to your business challenge: making experiences useful, usable, and enjoyable.

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Global UX Design &
Research Reach

Work with us from anywhere

With offices located in London, Cambridge, UK and Toronto, Ottawa, Canada our firm's collaborative UX culture enables us to add greater value to your initiatives.


Great service experiences meet real human needs. That is why we rely on involving stakeholders and users throughout every stage of the service experience design process.

Design that connects the experience and the brand

Our UX & SD Work

View how we’ve created Intentional Experiences.

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We design from real user input, not our assumptions
We work between business, UX design and technology
We identify expectations so you can exceed them
We work between business, UX design and technology

Who We Are

User Experience & Service Design Experts

We bring together strategy, research, design and testing expertise all under one roof to enhance your user and service experiences across each experience point.

Videos & Talks

From UX fundamentals
to deep insights into the customer experience, learn from our multi-disciplinary team.

UX Blog

Read Akendi’s weekly blog: UX Reflections.

We design from real user input, not our assumptions
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How We Work

Experience Thinking™ approach

To make a great idea a success in the hands of users and customers, we elevate our product design process by involving users as meaningful contributors early in the process.

Nov 6-16 London

Learn UX

UX Training

Individual courses, UX certification or bespoke in-house.

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We take the guesswork out of designs by validating user experiences through research and testing with real users. This ensures a clear picture before any designs reach the build stage.

Our Clients

From start-up ventures to Fortune 500 companies, we have created success across a wide range of industries.

Capturing content, functionality & requirements is key

Who We Work With

Our UX expertise is deep

We have extensive industry specific UX & SD expertise in SaaS, Mobile, Finance, Customer Portals & Intranets, Government, Non-for-Profit.

UX Training & Certification

We offer training plus certification in user experience design and research.

Sep 27 2017

Focus on UX, not Tech


Akendi will make the case for investing in UX rather Tech at TechHub.


Our whitepapers share useful and practical insights into customer and user experience creation.

We build the UX Strategy you need
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